Treated Lumber

Pressure treated lumber has many uses and applications. Hamshaw Lumber features Genuine Wolmanized, which is treated with a copper-based preservative and an efficacious fungicide. This wood is ideal for applications including decks, retaining walls, fences, picnic tables, planter boxes, walkways, sill plate, and structural members. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty for most residential applications.

Wolmanized® wood is a natural and environmentally responsible choice. It’s made from wood, a renewable resource. Treatment extends the life of the wood, and the preservative used is as gentle as it can be and still be effective and long-lasting. A life cycle analysis confirms the environmental benefits of wood.

To top it off, this wood costs less than other alternatives such as redwood, cedar or recycled plastics.

Hamshaw Lumber stocks the following sizes of treated lumber:

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